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Diffrient Smart is a minimal mesh task chair that is a striking addition to any modern office thanks to its linear, geometric design that easily integrates into any environment. With a unique U-shaped back and minimal lines, Diffrient Smart also features arm rests that are attached to the back of the chair, so they move with the user for dynamic support. Its brushed aluminum finish ensures Smart’s longevity, while its automatic recline support every individual that sits in it. Diffrient Smart’s revolutionary tri-panel mesh backrest offers instant support and allows the user to engage in healthy, ergonomic postures.

  • The non-abrasive, ultra-supportive mesh back of the Liberty Chair provides long-lasting lumbar support without the use of external lumbar devices
  • The self-adjusting recline of Humanscale seating permits a smooth transition from task seating (upright posture) to reclined seating
  • Height-adjustable arms make a sweeping motion when adjusted, ensuring that the armrests remain parallel to the ground throughout their range of motion
  • The Liberty Chair’s lightweight design minimizes the environmental impact of its shipping, and its simple, modular design makes it easy to disassemble, recycle and maintain rather than replace the chair completely

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