EFloat Go 2.0 Sit/Stand T-Foot Style Table with 30" D X 60" White Laminate Surface and T-Foot Style Silver Base - ergonomicedge
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Electric Height-Adjustable Table

  • Expandable frame accommodates worksurfaces 48” – 72“ wide.
  • Programmable digital hand switch with USB-A charging allows for effortless one touch adjustment while providing convenient charging for hand held devices.
  • Accelerometer anti – collision technology prevents accidental contact with objects while vertically adjusting.
  • Quiet motor in each leg provides near silent adjustment.
  • Flat Edge Worksurface Style.
  • Warranty: 10 Year, 24/7


Humanscale’s latest height-adjustable table, the eFloat Go, is the easiest to use, most cost- effective solution for any sit-to-stand application. It assembles in under 5 minutes and features innovations such as anti-collision technology and quiet motors. With a wide range of sizes, the eFloat Go is as versatile as it is functional.

Versatile Table Base

Expandable frame accommodates work surfaces from 48″-72″ wide and 24-30″ deep. Adjustment is simple and streamlined.

Quieter Motors

Custom-designed motors in every leg make eFloat Go 2.0 one of the quietest tables available today

Improved Technology

Features updated electronics including a programmable handset with up to four custom table positions. Enhanced gyroscopic anti-collision functionality to prevent causing damage during height adjustment.

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