FLOAT TABLE CONFIGURATOR Float, 24” D X 48” W White with Flat Edge Finish Base Color – Silver - ergonomicedge
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  • Unique counterbalance mechanism and weight indicator
  • Near-effortless height adjustment
  • Safety measures prevent the possibility of injury associated
  • with incorrect counterbalance
  • No obstructive crossbeam
  • White, silver or black finish options


  • Provides an impressive 20″ of near-effortless adjustment (from
  • 27” to 47” high) for ergonomic use
  • Unique adjustable counterbalance mechanism handles up to
  • 130 lbs of desktop weight
  • Sturdy construction meets BIFMA requirements for load and
  • capacity
  • Built primarily of steel an

Configuration Details


FTF – Float Base and Rectangular Top
24 -23″ deep
48 – 47″ wide
WH – White Laminate
_FN – Float Table Base
S – Silver
R – Removable
42 – for 24″ deep x 47″ to 56″ wide top
R – Right


By purchasing this product you are helping create a cumulative Net Positive impact on the environment by the following amounts:

Laminate Top: 2 kg CO2 Veneer Top: 2 kg CO2 Base: 12 kg CO2
Water Positive – Laminate Top: 9 Gallons Veneer Top: 4 Gallons
Base: 25 Gallons
Energy Positive – Laminate Top: 10 kWh Veneer Top: 7 kWh
Base: 28 kWh

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